Marshmallow - JSON parsing for unknown fields

Jul 13, 2022

Marshmallow provides a flexible and performant JSON unmarshalling in Go. It specializes in dealing with unstructured struct - when some fields are known and some aren't, with zero performance overhead nor extra coding needed.

func main() {
    marshmallow.EnableCache() // this is used to boost performance, read more below
    v := struct {
        Foo string `json:"foo"`
        Boo []int  `json:"boo"`
    result, err := marshmallow.Unmarshal([]byte(`{"foo":"bar","boo":[1,2,3],"goo":12.6}`), &v)
    fmt.Printf("v=%+v, result=%+v, err=%v", v, result, err)
    // Output: v={Foo:bar Boo:[1 2 3]}, result=map[boo:[1 2 3] foo:bar goo:12.6], err=<nil>
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