Oct 20, 2023

dagger.io launched recently

A pitch from the comments in news.yc:

Each time Dagger runs your pipeline, it can produce telemetry about every aspect of your supply chain. Git SHAs, docker image checksums and cryptographic signatures, specific versions of kubernetes and cloudformation configurations, before and after templating, test results, monitoring status... It also integrates with your secrets management backends, your developer's local source code. Basically every node in your supply chain can be a node in your DAG if you want it to. The logical next step is to give you a centralized place to send all this telemetry, and tools to extract insights from it. You could also perhaps manage the configuration of your various Dagger engines in one location.

Another product that is often requested is a visual DAG debugger. When a pipeline break, you want to know why, and staring at your CI logs is definitely not the best experience for that. With a web UI, there's a lot we can do there.

The business opportunity boils down to this: if CI/CD pipelines are software, there ought to be a platform for developing that software, and an ecosystem of developers creating value around that platform. Dagger aspires to create that missing developer ecosystem. If we succeed, there will be no shortage of business opportunities. If we fail, none of the other features will matter.

-shykes (Solomon Hykes)

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