using sqlite from python

Sep 11, 2022

While going through the documentation of Python's sqlite3 module, I noticed that it's quite API-driven, where different parts of the module are explained in a prescriptive manner. I, however, learn better from examples, recipes, and narratives. Although a few good recipes already exist in the docs, I thought I'd also enlist some of the examples I tried out while grokking them.

example of user-defined functions:

import sqlite3
import hashlib

conn = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")
c = conn.cursor()

def sha256(t: str) -> str:
    return hashlib.sha256(

# Register the scalar function.
conn.create_function("sha256", 1, sha256)

with conn:
        create table if not exists users (
            username text,
            password text
        "insert into users values (?, sha256(?));",
        ("admin", "password"),
        "insert into users values (?, sha256(?));",
        ("user", "otherpass"),

    result = c.execute("select * from users;").fetchall()
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