loom concurrent program testing

Oct 20, 2023


Loom is a tool for testing concurrent programs.

At a high level, it runs tests many times, permuting the possible concurrent executions of each test according to what constitutes valid executions under the C11 memory model. It then uses state reduction techniques to avoid combinatorial explosion of the number of possible executions

Testing concurrent programs is challenging; concurrent strands of execution can interleave in all sorts of ways, and each such interleaving might expose a concurrency bug in the program. Some bugs may be so rare that they only occur under a very small set of possible executions, and may not surface even if you run the code millions or billions of times.

Loom provides a way to deterministically explore the various possible execution permutations without relying on random executions. This allows you to write tests that verify that your concurrent code is correct under all executions, not just “most of the time”.

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