Stable Diffusion

Oct 20, 2023

Take 2 from

$ git clone -b apple-silicon-mps-support Cloning into 'stable-diffusion'... remote: Enumerating objects: 394, done. remote: Counting objects: 100% (16/16), done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (9/9), done. remote: Total 394 (delta 7), reused 12 (delta 7), pack-reused 378 Receiving objects: 100% (394/394), 42.66 MiB | 11.73 MiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (156/156), done. $ cd stable-diffusion $ mkdir -p models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1/ $ python -mvenv stable-diffusion-enva $ source stable-diffusion-env/bin/activate $ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ got -o models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1/model.ckpt \ # Now it works! # Make sure you have the virtualenv you created earlier active (stable-diffusion-env) $ python scripts/ --prompt "astronaut eating an apple in space, digital photograph" --n_samples 1 --n_iter 1 --plms

To remove the safety filter: replace line 324 of scripts/

x_checked_image, has_nsfw_concept = check_safety(x_samples_ddim)


x_checked_image = x_samples_ddim

news.yc suggests to try the lstein fork for better performance?

ok, sure.

$ brew install protobuf # I already had cmake and rust $ git clone lstein-stable-diffusion $ cd lstein-stable-diffusion $ ln -sf ~/code/tmp/stable-diffusion/stable-diffusion/models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1 models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1 $ python -mvenv sdenv $ source sdenv/bin/activate # ugh conda $ CONDA_SUBDIR=osx-arm64 conda env create -f environment-mac.yaml $ conda activate ldm $ python scripts/ $ python scripts/ --full_precision

Previous attempt that kind-of-worked:

working from:

$ brew install git-lfs $ git lfs install --skip-smudge $ brew install anaconda $ /opt/homebrew/anaconda3/bin/conda install bash $ exit

On trying to do the "lfs install" step, I got:

$ git lfs install --skip-smudge warning: the "filter.lfs.clean" attribute should be "git-lfs clean -- %f" but is "git-lfs c lean %f" Run `git lfs install --force` to reset Git configuration.

maybe from old configuration? I seemed to solve it with:

$ git lfs install --force Git LFS initialized. $ git lfs install --skip-smudge Git LFS initialized.

I think that first "conda install bash" was supposed to be "conda init bash" instead

# this requires your huggingface username and password, and you have to go to # and accept the # license $ git clone $ cd stable-diffusion-v-1-4-original # this takes a while, it downloads a 4gb file $ git lfs pull $ cd .. $ git clone $ cd stable-diffusion $ git switch apple-silicon-mps-support # here the author asks you to update some versions but it wasn't clear to me what I was supposed to do, so I'm trying out doing... nothing $ vim environment-mac.yaml

conda init bash makes conda change my PS1 on every startup by default! This is very annoying (and bad form from conda I think) and I will have to figure out how to fix that.

(update: conda config --set auto_activate_base false does the job)

$ conda env create -f environment-mac.yaml $ conda activate ldm $ conda install -y pytorch torchvision torchaudio -c pytorch-nightly $ mkdir models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1 $ mv ../stable-diffusion-v-1-4-original/sd-v1-4.ckpt models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1/model.ckpt

Then the author suggests changing a line of code in the torch package... but that line of code doesn't exist. Hrmph.

Well, let's see how it goes giving it a shot anyway.

Hey, it worked!

python scripts/ --prompt "Aperson playing soccer in the style of Edward Gorey" --plms --n_samples 1 --n_iter 1

didn't produce a very good image but it did produce one

Next up, I tried A painting of the Portland Head Light Lighthouse in the style of Monet, but got hit by the safety filter! This post showed how to disable it.

Finally, I tried A stained glass window depicting a falcon carrying a fish in its talons and got barely recognizable images out of it.

I'm getting utter crap out of it, unfortunately, nothing like what I see on the web, and I don't have the motivation to figure out why so I'm probably just going to delete it.

I'm sure it won't be long before there is better stuff more easily available.

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