Oct 20, 2023


pup is a command line tool for processing HTML. It reads from stdin, prints to stdout, and allows the user to filter parts of the page using CSS selectors.

Inspired by jq, pup aims to be a fast and flexible way of exploring HTML from the terminal.

I wanted to turn a "best of" list into a comment I could post on reddit, here's the command I used:

  1. download the page: curl https://post-trash.com/news/2022/4/7/post-trashs-year-in-review-the-best-of-2022 > /tmp/post-trash.html
  2. parse out the titles, remove blank lines, and convert HTML entities to ascii:
| pup '.summary-title text{}' | \ grep -v -e '^\s*$' | \ python3 -c 'import html, sys; [print(html.unescape(l), end="") for l in sys.stdin]'
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