File watching

Mar 13, 2023

I usually use modd (with devd), but it's not maintained.

watchexec-cli looks like a good simple replacement for many of my use cases

Paul Smith wrote a simple bash reloader that wraps fswatch

entr is another

Facebook's watchman and crodjer/watchman (same name, separate projects. The latter is a bash file that depends on inotifywait, so is linux-only. I mention it only because it is confusing that there are two projects with the same name)

notify is a go command using the same library that modd depends on

watchfiles: Simple, modern and high performance file watching and code reload in python. - both a python lib and a cli tool - the cli is very python-oriented

reflex is a go file watcher that looks pretty good, supports config files

ochinchina/supervisord is a reimplementation of python supervisord in go. Includes the capability to restart the service when a file changes (restart_cmd_when_file_changed, though that's not its main focus)

gajus/turbowatch is a scriptable node file watcher built on top of watchman. "Turbowatch adds a layer of abstraction for orchestrating task execution in response to file changes (shell interface, graceful shutdown, output grouping, etc)."

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