Oct 20, 2023

Bazel's python subset configuration language.

Starlark (formerly known as Skylark) is a language intended for use as a configuration language. It was designed for the Bazel build system, but may be useful for other projects as well. This repository is where Starlark features are proposed, discussed, and specified. It contains information about the language, including the specification. There are multiple implementations of Starlark.

Starlark is a dialect of Python. Like Python, it is a dynamically typed language with high-level data types, first-class functions with lexical scope, and garbage collection. Independent Starlark threads execute in parallel, so Starlark workloads scale well on parallel machines. Starlark is a small and simple language with a familiar and highly readable syntax. You can use it as an expressive notation for structured data, defining functions to eliminate repetition, or you can use it to add scripting capabilities to an existing application.

I really like projects that define design principles up front:

Design Principles

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