Oct 20, 2023

A competitor to Postgraphile has arisen: pg_graphql from the supabase folks

Introduction post:

Today we're open sourcing pg_graphql, a work-in-progress native PostgreSQL extension adding GraphQL support. The extension keeps schema generation, query parsing, and resolvers all neatly contained on your database server requiring no external services.

We found both options [postgraphile and hasura] to be largely viable for the core feature set.

Which left us with one final hang-up: we host free-tier projects on VMs with 1 GB of memory. After tallying the resources reserved for PostgreSQL, PostgREST, Kong, GoTrue, and a handful of smaller services, we were left with a total memory budget of ... 0 MB 😬. Unsurprisingly, our pathological memory target disqualified any option that required launching another process in those VMs.

For that reason, we decided to invest in a lightweight alternative that runs in the database, and can be exposed over HTTP using the existing PostgREST deployments' RPC functionality.

Postgres and GraphQL

pg_graphql is now available on supabase

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