Postgres full text search

Feb 24, 2022

Postgres has two types of text search, full text and trigram

full text search

documented here:

trigram search

Useful article, "optimizing postgres]trigram search":

why not full-text search? From some experimenting with Full Text Search, I’ve found the API focuses more narrowly on natural language text (i.e., words, spaces, punctuation), than on general-purpose text (i.e., natural language text and product SKUs and email addresses, …)

why not to use?

gitlab hit scaling limits with both trigram search and full-text search, and documented their journey from postgres to elasticsearch:

GitLab’s evolution from Postgres Trigrams to Elasticsearch Fast Search Using PostgreSQL Trigram Text Indexes (March 2016), Lessons from our journey to enable global code search with Elasticsearch on (March 2019), Update: The challenge of enabling Elasticsearch on (July 2019); Update: Elasticsearch lessons learnt for Advanced Global Search 2020-04-28 (April 2020); Troubleshooting Elasticsearch 

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