Why do remote meetings suck

last updated: Jul 10, 2024

In caucuses you can’t do that because of the unwritten caucus rule:

The first person to utter something gets the floor.

I don't vibe with the authors' bias against remote work, but I do like and resonate with the idea that what they call "caucus meetings", where whomever speaks first gets the floor, have real problems.

The format of a caucus encourages participants who want to contribute to say more and listen less... This is a big structural reason why people interrupt each other all the time. When the way that you get the floor in a meeting is to just start talking, that’s what people do.

In caucus-style meetings, I usually find myself sitting out, too shy to say what I want to say. Or occasionally, worse, I have strong opinions and speak too much.

In a follow-up article, they get to proposing a moderator for meetings, on a spectrum from Robert's rules of order through a "facilitator" who participates in and guides the discussion.

I'd love to try some meetings with different rules, but definitely don't feel like I'm the person who would lead that charge.

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