Feeds are not fit for gardening

May 18, 2024


Lots to think about in here that's relevant to this site.

Currently I just chuck the 15 most recent files that have changed, based on their git last modified timestamps, into the RSS feed and call it a day, but obviously a lot more thought and care could be put into it.

I'm thinking something like this would be a slight improvement:

This doesn't address the issue that I've got three "blogs" on this site

And soon, I'm going to start publishing photos again, either here or on something like photos.billmill.org

Yet they don't each have a feed, so somebody can't subscribe to just what they're interested in.

(Do enough people read this that it's worth worrying about that?)

One possible route would be to generate a feed for each folder. Another would be to add the ability to add metadata to a folder indicating to the generator that the folder ought to have a feed, or to just add a --feeds flag to the generator that told it which folders to generate feeds for.

I think I'm going to do some experimenting with feed generation today and see what feels natural.

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