eBPF documentary

last updated: Mar 11, 2024


eBPF is a crazy technology – like putting JavaScript into the Linux kernel – and getting it accepted had so far been an untold story of strategy and ingenuity. The eBPF documentary, published late last year, tells this story by interviewing key players from 2014 including myself, and touches on new developments including Windows. (If you are new to eBPF, it is the name of a kernel execution engine that runs a variety of new programs in a performant and safe sandbox in the kernel, like how JavaScript can run programs safely in a browser sandbox; it is also no longer an acronym.) The documentary was played at KubeCon, and is on youtube

I haven't watched the documentary, but I'm intrigued. I've also never found anything near a hint of a need for eBPF, but I would love to kick its tires at some point.

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