Monte-Carlo Graph Search from First Principles

last updated: Mar 11, 2024

Monte Carlo Graph Search from First Principles, David J Wu

Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) except applied to directed graphs instead of trees - "Monte-Carlo Graph Search" ("MCGS") - is sometimes considered to be pretty tricky to implement in a sound way.

Explains several ways that MCTS, applied to graphs, can be very challenging to implement. They do so in a way that even a fairly naïve reader such as myself can understand, with excellent graphics.

Includes python psuedocode, which helps the literal-minded such as myself.

I used to care a great deal about MCTS, and wanted to go to grad school with the folks who invented it. Fortunately or unfortunately, that fork in my life wasn't taken, but I still like to take a peek into the field every once in a while.

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