Observable Framework

last updated: Feb 15, 2024



Observable Framework is built around the pattern of regularly updating a static website with data that is downloaded and compiled at build time.

Today we’re launching Observable 2.0 with a bold new vision: an open-source static site generator for building fast, beautiful data apps, dashboards, and reports.

Framework’s data loaders solve this “last mile” problem by computing static data snapshots at build time. These snapshots can be highly-optimized (and aggregated and anonymized), minimizing the data you send to the client. And since a data loader is just a fancy way of generating a file on-demand (with clever caching and routing), loaders can be written in any language and use any library. This flexibility is not unlike CGI from 30 years ago, and Unix pipes. And since data loaders run on your servers, viewers don’t need direct access to the underlying data sources, and your dashboards are more secure and robust.

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