htmx is composable??

Jan 17, 2024

I wrote an HTMX app and it was easy to develop a powerful plugin system within it. That surprised me. I had assumed that JSON-driven REST APIs were the only way to make composable web APIs. In my mind, HTMX blends the backend and frontend together into one monolithic component. It seemed counterintuitive.

the combination of React + an API isn’t just monolithic, it’s a monolith split across a distributed system. And those are extremly non-composable.

Individual React components are very composable. But when you combine the requirements that I need, spanning the full stack, you find yourself in what I like to describe as a distributed system, since state is split between the client and server. feels like the HTML is more like a configuration language, with instructions for how all the pieces fit together. There is state, but it’s hidden within the engine that interprets my declarative configuration (a.k.a the browser).

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