Numbat - a programming language with physical unit types

Nov 16, 2023

Numbat is a programming language that aims to provide a convenient way to perform computations with physical units. One of the main goals of the language is to help users write correct programs. It has a static type system where physical dimensions act as types. The expression 3 months, for example, has a type of Time. Similarly, the expression 2 years also has a type of Time. The compound expression 3 months + 2 years is therefore well-typed:



Very cool. Here's an example repl session showing that if you run 7 min/mi for a marathon, you'll finish in 3 hours and 3 minutes:

>>> let marathon = 42.16km let marathon: Length = 42.16 kilometre >>> let pace = 7 min/mi let pace: Time / Length = 7 minute / mile >>> marathon * pace marathon × pace = 183.379 min [Time]
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