Exploring Linux command-line space time

Oct 20, 2023


I was curious to explore how long a program takes to run, how much memory is used over time, and what processes/threads are spawned. To provide answers I wrote a tool, which I named st. Here are a few things I looked into.

See details at the bottom if you are interested in how the tool works (and why I did not use time(1) and strace(1)).

Very cool graphs.

I've written a bit in the past about tracking memory usage over a process' life, and I remain surprised that there isn't a standard tool for doing this very useful activity.

I'm tempted to write an equivalent that works on mac, using eslogger (see debugging os x) to track execs and ps to measure RSS (PSS is not available on macs if I understand correctly (but I linked to this SO post in the past which seems to say that you can use vmmap to get at least very close to something similar))

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