Develop with cocoa for apple devices without using Objective-C

Oct 20, 2023

The overall plan is to have a C API which, under the hood, uses the ObjC runtime to call functions that are normally only accessible when programming in ObjC.

The first step is to query metadata about the class that we’re interested in turning into a C API. The code generator works by providing it with one or more ObjC class name(s) (optionally including wildcards). For each class the generator generates a pair of .c/.h files.

ObjC is an object oriented language, C is not. So we need some way to map ObjC’s “object orientness” to C functions... For this problem I decided to flatten the class hierarchy of the class that you want to export to C... Unlike C++, ObjC does not support multiple inheritance (thank god!), so this process is rather straight-forward.

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