Oct 20, 2023


Titiler, pronounced tee-tiler (ti is the diminutive version of the french petit which means small), is a set of python modules that focus on creating FastAPI application for dynamic tiling.

... TiTiler has been developed so users can build their own app using only the portions they need. Using TilerFactories, users can create a fully customized application with only the endpoints needed.

Dynamic tiling

TiTiler's first goal is to create a lightweight but performant dynamic tile server... but what do we mean by this?

The goal of the Dynamic Tiling process is to get rid of all the pre-processing steps, by creating a tile server which can access the raw data (COG) and apply operations (rescaling, reprojection, image encoding) to create the visual tiles on the fly.

With Static tile generation you are often limited because you are visualizing data that is fixed and stored somewhere on a disk. With Dynamic tiling, the user has the possibility to apply their own choice of processing (e.g rescaling, masking) before creating the image.

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