Oct 20, 2023

Recent functionality for representing US states, European countries and World countries in a grid has been made available for ggplot2 here and there are many other great examples of hand-specified or bespoke grids. The challenge with this is that if you have a less commonly used geography then it might be hard to find a hand-specified or bespoke grid for your area of interest.

What I wanted to do with geogrid is make it easier to generate these grids in ways that might be visually appealing and then assign the original geographies to their gridded counterparts in a way that made sense. Using an input of geospatial polgyons geogrid will generate either a regular or hexagonal grid, and then assign each of the polygons in your original file to that new grid.

Uses the hungarian algorithm, which I'll be honest I don't understand what it is or how it applies here

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