Using QGis to apply a 1777 style

May 03, 2022

In 2015, while I was working at the UGent Department of Geography, I was lucky enough to collaborate on a project around the 1777 Ferraris map - or more precisely the ‘Carte de Cabinet’ of the Austrian Netherlands by count Joseph de Ferraris. The Ferraris map is the result of the first systematic, large scale mapping effort in Belgium and even Western Europe; an impressive undertaking that resulted in a map detailing all houses, roads and forests in the surveyed territory. It is still widely appreciated today for it’s historical significance, archeological value and aesthetic qualities.

As a contributor to OpenStreetMap and user of modern GIS tools for desktop and browser, I had been dreaming for some time of applying the iconic style of the Ferraris map to today’s geographic data, wondering:

What would it look like if count de Ferraris would have made his map today?


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