Oct 20, 2023



sqlite-html is a new SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and generating HTML.

sqlite-html is an alternative to other HTML parsers like htmlq, BeautifulSoup, and Cheerio, with the added benefit of a full SQL API. Simply load the extension in your SQLite client of choice, and start parsing HTML with CSS selectors.

truly brilliant. Example:

  html_text(items.html, "strong") as name,
    html_extract(items.html, 'a[href*=".zip"]'),
  ) as href
 from html_each(
  (select page from pages where name = 'lacounty-results'),
) as items

It would be interesting to try replacing my beautiful soup scripts in NBA Stats with this tool.

Built in golang, with goquery (library for html selectors) and riyaz-ali/sqlite (library for building sqlite extensions in go)

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