building sqlite wasm

Oct 20, 2023
  1. brew install emscripten
  2. clone sqlite:
  3. cd sqlite
  4. ./configure (to build the wasm version, you'll need to have built a makefile first)
  5. make fiddle
  6. Once that completes, you should have the wasm version of sqlite built, as well as the fiddle (available here). To run it, I went to ext/wasm/fiddle and ran devd with devd -ol .

Now what I'd like to figure out is how to build that with extensions, or how to enable javascript extensions like in sql.js

The functions I want are available in sqlean/stats, let's figure out how to compile it:

  1. make prepare-dist
  2. make download-sqlite SQLITE_VERSION="3360000" SQLITE_RELEASE_YEAR=2021
  3. make download-external SQLITE_BRANCH=3.36
    1. I stole those values from here
  4. make compile-macos-arm64
    1. now there's dist/arm64/stats.dylib et al

How sqlite-lines builds his sqlite-wasm-with-extensions is by including the sqlite amalgamation.

Of course, this is a yak-shave! So we need to get a particular version of emcc running in order to compile their code. Let's try using this page and see if we can't get version 3.1.5 installed. (Homebrew currently has 3.1.20 which throws an error)

  1. git clone && cd emsdk
  2. ./emsdk install 3.1.5
    1. that ran and succeeded and installed the tools to ./upstream/emscripten/ and ./node
  3. source ./
    1. this adds the directories above to the path
  4. et voila
$ emcc --version emcc (Emscripten gcc/clang-like replacement + linker emulating GNU ld) 3.1.5 (d33328b22db1aa62a51c50731e9645951a2038bc)
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