postgres wasm

Oct 20, 2023 (more techy) (more general)

Uses v86 to put a whole linux VM in the browser, with Buildroot linux
! Super cool.

I do somewhat agree with a commenter on news.yc though:

The dream is a real wasm native postgres; in fact to get all of postgresql's cool shared mem proccess stuff and make it something like shared array buffer! The dream is also that WASI interface and new-school OS interfaces like memfd_create are increasingly aligned.

Instead of rationalization our interfaces, however, it's just emulation layer on top of emulation layer, tech debt all the way down.

Later, they say:

Are there future plans at creating a native WASM version of Postgres?

Yup! I think that should be the goal, and we (Supabase & Snaplet) would be very happy to work with anyone that wants to build towards that.

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