Postgres language server

Oct 20, 2023

A Language Server for Postgres. Not SQL with flavors, just Postgres.


Despite the rising popularity of Postgres, support for the PL/pgSQL in IDEs and editors is limited. While there are some generic SQL Language Servers1 offering the Postgres syntax as a "flavor" within the parser, they usually fall short due to the ever-evolving and complex syntax of PostgreSQL. There are a few proprietary IDEs2 that work well, but the features are only available within the respective IDE.

This Language Server is designed to support Postgres, and only Postgres. The server uses libpg_query, therefore leveraging the PostgreSQL source to parse the SQL code reliably. Using Postgres within a Language Server might seem unconventional, but it's the only reliable way of parsing all valid PostgreSQL queries. You can find a longer rationale on why This is the Way™ here. While libpg_query was built to execute SQL, and not to build a language server, any shortcomings have been successfully mitigated in the parser crate. You can read the commented source code for more details on the inner workings of the parser.

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