Oct 20, 2023


This program generates a random schema of M columns and then generates N rows of that schema. So all value types within a column across all rows will be consistent. For example, if a value is an int in one row's column, it will be an int in the same column across all other row's.

It generates JSON by default but can generate other formats like CSV, TSV, Excel, etc.

$ fakegen --rows 2 --cols 5 | jq . [ { "enecate": 1322845113, "irruptions": "et tempore suscipit dignissimos odit ut accusantium dolores cumque est dignissimos ut", "phototelescopic": "facere non iusto a pariatur vero qui magnam nostrum quibusdam magnam a omnis ", "restrictively": false, "upwafted": "2020-10-09T21:03:23.109945329Z" }, { "enecate": 1771337749, "irruptions": "voluptas quis commodi qui commodi soluta ut debitis ipsam reprehenderit odio quaerat ", "phototelescopic": "non suscipit illo omnis explicabo omnis omnis quia eligendi quidem suscipit", "restrictively": true, "upwafted": "1979-01-09T05:20:25.7650053Z" } ]

switch formats with the -f switch:

$ fakegen -r 10 -c 2 -f csv seavy,spangle-baby 2070-08-27T17:07:35Z,-28123.3 2063-10-30T15:06:37Z,-82834.6 2066-04-29T00:10:38Z,-74438.5 2006-08-31T11:45:50Z,-85888.4 1981-11-20T20:49:30Z,-78208.3 2065-07-02T12:31:05Z,13387.5 2003-12-29T22:37:19Z,-62472.3 1981-08-29T14:41:20Z,-55740.1 2062-07-09T08:56:47Z,54202.2 2010-05-30T08:28:33Z,-73394.6
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