asdf csharp + csharp-ls lsp

Oct 20, 2023

To get csharp installed from asdf:

asdf plugin-add dotnet-core
asdf install dotnet-core latest 

This gets you dotnet installed in your asdf folder, but to get dotnet to recognize this non-standard folder is a bit of a goat rodeo. First, you need to source the appropriate shell file which adds the DOTNET_ROOT environment variable pointing to the correct installation folder.

Then, for csharp-ls to work, you need to make sure that the actual dotnet binary, not the asdf shim, is found first on your path; I solved this by adding this to my .envrc in the C# project I was working on: export PATH=$DOTNET_ROOT:$PATH; this ensures that dotnet-the-binary is found before dotnet-the-asdf-shim.

(The reason for this is this bug in Microsoft's code. It's ridiculous that they claim dotnet ought to be usable on non-windows systems, IMO. Many thanks to hochata on github for posting the solution)

Then, I added the csharp-ls config to my lsp config:

lsp.csharp_ls.setup({ on_attach = on_attach, capabilities = capabilities })

and finally I was off and running!

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