Mar 05, 2024

Find all files in the current directory that end in *.js or *.ts, but ignore paths containing node_modules:

find . \( -iname '*.js' -o -iname '*.ts' \) -not -path '*node_modules*'

Equivalent fd command:

fd -g --exclude node_modules '*.{ts,js}'

or, fd --exclude node_modules '\.(js|ts)$', using regex instead of glob search.

-E is a shortcut for --exclude

update You can actually do better in find by using the -iregex flag:

find -E . -iregex '.*\.(ts|js)' -not -iregex '.*node_modules.*'

note that in the regular expressions given to find, you're matching against the full path not the filename as you are in fd.

Find all empty files and delete them:

find . -type f -empty -print -delete

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