Apr 03, 2023


a rewrite of asdf into rust

asdf-compatible - rtx is compatible with asdf plugins and .tool-versions files. It can be used as a drop-in replacement.
Polyglot - compatible with any language, so no more figuring out how nvm, nodenv, pyenv, etc work individually—just use 1 tool.
Fast - rtx is written in Rust and is very fast. 20x-200x faster than asdf.
No shims - shims cause problems, they break which, and add overhead. By default, rtx does not use them—however you can if you want to.
Fuzzy matching and aliases - It's enough to just say you want "v18" of node, or the "lts" version. rtx will figure out the right version without you needing to specify an exact version.
Arbitrary env vars - Set custom env vars when in a project directory like NODE_ENV=production or AWS_PROFILE=staging.

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