installing garlicos on anbernic RG35xx

last updated: Jun 17, 2024

I haven't yet been successful with this!

[!warning] I haven't yet been successful with this

The steps I followed on my mac. this guide was my main source:

  1. acquire microsd card
  2. go here and download RG35XX-MicroSDCardImage.7z.001 and RG35XX-MicroSDCardImage.7z.002
  3. brew install 7-zip
  4. in the directory where you downloaded the RG35XX-Micro... files, run 7zz x RG35XX-MicroSDCardImage.7z.001
  5. insert your microsd card
  6. brew install balenaetcher
  7. Open balena etcher, select the img file you created in step 4, and flash it to your microSD card
  8. pop out the card and re-insert it, as balena etcher unmounts it when it's done
  9. brew install gdisk
  10. copy the BIOS and CFW directories from the larger of the two partitions on the disk; we're going to resize and reinstall them later
  11. do a whole big gparted dance as per the above

I did this, and the machine just won't turn on with the disk in! Back to the drawing board I guess.

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