Board SVG

Oct 28, 2021

I made an SVG that displays a chess board, but it uses a path - I think I will want one that uses squares instead, so that I can drag + drop things onto them.

Also worth thinking about how to easily style the board

<svg xmlns="" width="500" height="500" viewBox="0 0 8 8">
<rect width="8" height="8"/>
<path d="M0,0v8h1V0zM2,0v8h1V0zM4,0v8h1V0zM6,0v8h1V0zM8,0v8h1V0zM0,0h8v1H0zM0,2h8v1H0zM0,4h8v1H0zM0,6h8v1H0zM0,8h8v1H0z"

The docs for path commands and fill rule were helpful in understanding this

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